for others

Based on our management philosophy of existing for others, we at Naris have always worked with the aim of providing our customers with security and happiness through cosmetics. We are passionate to rise to this new challenge, pioneering new ways of enabling our consumers to create a healthy lifestyle.

Living creatures have the fundamental ability to respond to their environment, and human skin as well possesses an immune capacity, the power to heal itself. As a cosmetics manufacturer, what Naris has to offer is the development of cosmetics with features that include enhancement of this power that the skin possesses-its immune capacity. This should also lead to the development of cosmetics for maintaining healthy skin that can be used with peace of mind by elderly people, in light of the aging of society. Science and technology are not all-powerful. Yet if we utilize such technology to use the gifts of nature for the greatest advantage, the results can be wonderful.

Since the company’s inception, we at Naris have always used our high-level technological expertise to search for a variety of materials from among nature’s many unknown substances that possess latent possibilities. With our eyes on the goal of bringing the fruits of this research and development to the world, we will continue this endeavor in the years to come.

Hiroyoshi Muraoka,
President and CEO