As a general cosmetics company, we engage in responsible production, from mass production to small lot production.

The range of cosmetic products we manufacture covers everything from skincare goods such as lotion and emulsion to makeup such as lipstick and foundation, as well as hair-care and body-care products. Always keeping ahead of the rest of the industry, we ship our cosmetic goods, born out of our research into natural ingredients from around the globe, not just throughout Japan but all over the world.

Greater effectiveness. Greater safety. Our environmental awareness, our cutting-edge equipment, and our manufacturing techniques: these are our pride and joy.

In addition to our existing good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards for cosmetics, which allow us to maintain a hygienic environment capable of producing preservative-free, 100 percent natural products, our cutting-edge emulsification system enables safer, more effective product manufacturing. Naris Cosmetics has obtained ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems and has also obtained ISO 45001, a method of intrinsic safety management for the prevention of accidents. We manufacture products in production factories that employ a variety of management systems.

Factory where visitors can see our full production line

The route, which grants a comprehensive view of our production line, was selected for the 54th SDA Award (February 2020, Japan Sign Design Association).

Our factory

Our Network of Facilities

In order to respond to diversifying needs, such as ever-changing trends and the global market, We have established two factories in Japan. with two in Japan and one overseas.

Hyogo Factory As Naris Cosmetics’ main factory, this factory manufactures a wide range of different products and handles both mass production and small lot production.
Naris Cosmetic Frontier This factory, located on Rokko Island in Kobe, through its fully barrier-free design and other features, allows differently abled individuals to let their talents shine as they work with peace of mind.